Driven by curiosity, fear, or money (20XX → 2023)


  • BIC 4-Color: Always-On Social

    BIC 4-Color: Always-On Social

    How do you turn something as simple as the classic BIC 4-Colour pen into an always-on social strategy and make it relevant to young fans?

  • Nestlé Lion: Always-on Social

    Nestlé Lion: Always-on Social

    How do you keep teens, in 30+ countries, interested in breakfast on social media? You do it with memes and stuff they’ll get a little LOL from that gently reminds them of the Lion brand. This stuff rolled out across all international markets on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. To considerable success. //A 🦁

  • Subway: Always-On Social

    Subway: Always-On Social

    How do you grow a sandwich brand in France, the country that invented the baguette?

  • Subway: @SubSuggest

    Subway: @SubSuggest

    How do you encourage people to break their habits and try new things at Subway?

  • Nestlé: Cini Minis #EpicFail

    Nestlé: Cini Minis #EpicFail

    How do you encourage people to eat Cini Minis all year long and to get more flavour from their breakfast at the same time? You do it with a social video campaign that promotes warm milk as the key to unlock the most flavour from your Cini Minis. These videos ran their little hearts out…

  • Nestlé: Fitness Granola

    Nestlé: Fitness Granola

    How to you launch a new granola with a laser focus on the ingredients and still make it interesting? You anthropomorphise your ingredients with bright and beautiful stop-motion animation. This campaign ran across TV and social media to much success in central Europe where the campaign was focused. I worked on this at McCann Paris.…

  • Future of Color

    Future of Color

    If I could have any job for a week, I’d like to be the guy who names new colours.