Driven by curiosity, fear, or money (20XX → 2023)


  • POTM—2024.01: About last night

  • From Global Goals to Inner Souls: A Reflection

    When I see the Inner Development Goals, an interesting movement that borrows a lot of interest from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, I worry. The premise is to fix yourself so you fix the world. It’s a good one. But…

  • Linear vs. Lateral Thinking: Knowing When to Shift Gears

    Thinking is the engine that drives our decisions, solutions, and innovations. But like any engine, its efficiency hinges on using the right gear for the terrain. In the vast landscapes of problem-solving, the terrain varies, requiring shifts between linear and lateral thinking.

  • Need a good idea? Then have lots of ideas.

    Why you should embrace quantity and not quantity in ideation and brainstorming for creativity. Dive into flow, avoid judgment, and let ideas thrive.

  • Getting outsiders in

    If you’re an outsider to the comms industry and you want to get in, maybe I can help.

  • Swedish Malicious Compliance (Podcast)

    I was on a podcast a few months ago and really enjoyed it. It’s a general discussion about what it’s like in Sweden as an expat. I hope you like it.

  • An ironic letter to The Economist

    I always wanted to have a letter published in The Economist. I fucking love The Economist. I love how it’s written. I love the range of topics it covers, and I adore its simple and sometime acerbic language. Oh, and I love the covers and they do audio better than everyone else. I don’t always…

  • Geniality with Generative AI

    In the world of creative professionals, there’s a new kid on the block: generative AI. It’s powerful, unpredictable, and, at times, eerily human-like. While some fear that AI might eventually render our creative minds obsolete, we’re entering a golden age of collaboration that will call on the best of our human abilities. Here’s the secret:…

  • Links & Resources

    A rolling list of stuff that might be useful 👀 Strategy & Thinking I’m a big fan of fellow Aussie and strategy black-belt, Mark Pollard, and his work with Sweatheads. Equality & Opportunity 👏 While most articles about inclusion are woefully superficial, this one from Google’s CMO is short and smart. 🏳️‍🌈 A bunch of…

  • Six reasons to have less case studies

    #1 CASE STUDY VIDEOS WALLPAPER OVER THIN CAMPAIGN THINKING AND EXECUTION Lots of case study videos that I see are for small, tactical, or inconsequential things. They’re rarely for big campaign thoughts that execute over time and touchpoints. #2 THE REPLACE A CAMPAIGN AUDIENCE WITH A CASE STUDY AUDIENCE The audience for these videos are…

  • Choosing the right creative concept

    It should be easy, instinctive, and stress-free. How hard can it be to choose the best concept? In my experience, it’s very challenging. It’s also where many tool-kits, processes, and systems defer back to you. However, it’s one of the most critical parts of a successful campaign. And you’re on your own. According to Harvard…

  • At Berghs

    Note: This originally appeared on Berghs site. Here’s a streamlined version (that gives you the vibe of Berghs School of Communication. To crack the code on what sets Berghs apart from the competition Sarah Snavely talks to Adam Horne, Creative Director of Berghs Studio. How would you describe the Berghs’ way of teaching? Adam: It’s…

  • Junos Recycled Links: Ecology in Sweden

    Right! Among the empty rhetoric, virtue signalling, and lazy consensus that environmental issues seem to generate, some really interesting things are happening here in Sweden.

  • Apple: Staying Smart

    TL;DR – The future of computing is smarter, cloud based services, running on commodity hardware. Not expensive hardware running integrated software. Apple is not positioned well for this. But maybe the power of their brand can save them. Using an explanation of Apple’s assets, boundaries, and narrative, I’ll explain why it’s causing them to make…

  • Online Advertising: Defending Free

    Not since Guttenberg’s invention of the printing press has anything done so much to democratised media. From #BlackLivesMatter to The Arab Spring, good ideas, big ideas, can spread freely, all thanks to the free internet. OK. So let’s look at why “free” really is worth protecting. Even if that means championing online advertising. I promise…

  • Smoking: A Good Reason

    I don’t smoke. But sometimes I wish I did. Smoking punctuates your day. A nicotine addiction makes you get up, go out, and then come back. When you return, it demands a new focus. When you work at a desk it’s very easy to get sucked into the rathole of what you’re doing. From researching…

  • When live music feels like muzak

    I went to We Love Green on the weekend. A music festival in a beautiful Parisian park that, I kid you not, is usually full of peacocks. I was certainly among the older members of the oh-so-chic, not-so-chalant crowd. And it got me thinking about how the radical changes in how music is distributed and consumed…

  • Advertising & AI: Awarded Intelligence

    Imagine this. You’re at the Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity. In about 10 years. As champagne flows and flows, rumours grow and grow. Finally it’s discovered that the Grand Prix winning campaign was created by an artificial intelligence system.