Driven by curiosity, fear, or money (20XX → 2023)

Getting outsiders in

If you’re an outsider to the comms industry and you want to get in, maybe I can help.

There are lots of reasons why people don’t naturally fall into the creative industry. A big one is that they’re outsiders, and the industry isn’t very good at inviting them in, or that outsiders don’t see that working in the creative industry is even an option.

You might be an outsider if…

  • You grew up in a society that didn’t embrace your sexuality, your race, your politics, your language, or your religion.
  • You grew up in an unsupported family, community, or country.
  • You grew up with, or around bad physical or mental health.

Most of us are outsiders in a way – big or little. And if you’re an outsider, then I’d like to help you if I can.

I can offer you free coaching, free discussions, free projects, free portfolio review, free feedback, and free advice to you. I can help you get your head in the game and your work up to a kick-ass level

I offer this as an outsider who is now an insider. I want to bring in more outsiders. I don’t have a specific community that I want to help. I don’t priority one group over another.

All you need to do to get started is to email and say hello.

My goal

There are three things I want to help achieve (in my small way):
🥇 I want everyone to have the opportunity to develop
🥈 I want the very best ideas to go into the world
🥉 I want more perspectives to go into the world

The 1% outsider

When I started, seeing myself as an outsider helped motivate me. I grew up in Lindneow, Australia – a small town of about 100 people, surrounded by farms, and blokes with real get-ya-hands-dirty jobs. A world where nobody got paid to have ideas or be creative as a job. It was a culture and class thing. My people were farmers, nurses, truck drivers, electricians, and school teachers. Not photographers, designers, and creative directors.

And even with that tiny (tiny, tiny, tiny) level of outsider-ness, it’s a fucking tough industry to break into. I can imagine it’s a million times harder to get in if you’re a proper outsider, and not a pretend outsider, like me.

So if I can help someone, I’d love to.

Do it. Now.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

//A 👍

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