Driven by curiosity, fear, or money (20XX → 2023)

Misc. Radio Ads

Some radio and Spotify ads I’ve done.

I’ve had the chance to work on a bunch of audio-content, sometimes on my own, sometimes with others. But I love being able to paint pictures with sound. Here’s a sample of projects I’ve worked on.

Genesis: Change a Life

A freelance project I worked on for a gym in Australia to help people kickstart a new year’s resolution.

Channel 7: No Horse Sense

This was produced after winning a competition as a part of AWARD School.

Alfred Hospital: We’re for Dad’s

I worked on this with Royce Akers, a (genius) copywriter I worked with at Brandhouse Arnold.

Cadbury Boost: Ping Pong

I worked on this with copywriter Royce Akers at Brandhouse Arnold as part of a massive launch campaign.

Solo: Post Match

Another project with Royce Akers as part of a big promo campaign.

Australian Government: No

I worked on this under creative director Jess Harold and copywriter Royce Akers. Good work for a tough client.

Hard Yakka: Shopping

I made this as a freelance project for the team at Havas in Melbourne, Australia.

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