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Ansell: Sexercize App

How do you pitch yourself as the safest, more reliable, and most fun sexual health brand on the market?

By gamifying sex as an Apple Watch app! To show that your love life is actually a really good workout. It’s a great way to show the healthy, positive side of sex. 

The Apple Watch is almost perfect for this. It’s full of sensors, which means you can track calories burned, sex duration, heart rate, and even beats per minute.

It’s also small enough to be almost ignored, so you can get lost in your (s)exercise.

A person using an Apple Watch app that turn sex into a workout
A person using an Apple Watch app that shows the workout statistics from their sex life
A range of screenshots of the Sexercise app on the Apple Watch app turns sex into a workout

This was developed for a pitch presentation based on a white-label fitness app, to maximize speed to market and return on investment.

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