Driven by curiosity, fear, or money (20XX → 2023)


What I’m up to these days…

This is my now page. You should have one too.


  • I’m working away at Berghs. I do a mix of things for the International team (like running Berghs Advanced) and doing commercial projects with Berghs Studio. I really love it.


  • Sara and I had a baby in February which has been as mindbogglingly rewarding as it is cliched to talk about. But it’s fucking great. The sleep isn’t.
  • It’s a long way from my parents, my sister, and my amazing niece, who are all in East Gippsland (Australia).


  • I’m training for my 10th marathon after I had minor heart surgery. I’m going to treat myself to a nice little hand tattoo when it’s run and done. Anything under 3:30 will be a win. Follow my progress.
  • When I’m not riding my Brompton, I’m dreaming about touring bikes with Pinion gearboxes.
  • I’m doing lots of silly experiments with AI as a creative partner to help coach young creatives and also as a creative partner on my own project.

//A 🤘