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Nestlé: Global Cereals Website

How do you make a global site for the biggest breakfast food company in the world?

You do it though close consultation and consensus building with all of Nestlé’s regional stakeholder. You work with two agencies (one in France and the other in Frankfurt – a whole team of designers (I was creative lead), and round it out with digital strategists, UX experts, and a great commercial team.

You create a modular design, for a global audience, who increasingly accesses information on their phones. You build it on a platform that will scale, grow and that can evolve 5+ years into the future.

You also make it very easy for 65+ countries to customize everything from their language, to their contact details, their product range, and everything in between. You also do it very slowly, and carefully over 18 months.

An example of UX and art direction on Nestlé's Global Cereals Website

I was head of the design team at McCann Paris. It was a monster of a project with a lot of moving parts. But I sure leaned a lot.

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