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Independence Australia: Steps

How do you best help people living with spinal cord injury?

You raise awareness AND money. That’s why we created “Steps for Independence” – a charity event where people walk for an hour, counting their footsteps with their smartphones, to raise money for those who can’t walk. It’s a great way to highlight the amazing things we do every day without bodies – running, walking, and moving – without thinking twice about it.

The campaign did extremely well on TV networks, securing more than 600 free spots, reflecting a 1155% return on investment. 44% of event participants cited the TVC for prompting their participation in the Steps for Independence walk. 77% of participants were under 35 years of age – the people most at risk of spinal injury.

This is a project I did when I was creative director at Wunderman in Melbourne, Australia. I’m really proud of this one.

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