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Bosch: Smarthome Hackathon

How do you reduce food waste, kickstart a smarthome ecosystem, and win a hackathon?

With Sustain – the entry we made that won the hackathon. It’s a system that makes it easy to make meals with the food that’s already sitting in your refrigerator. OK, I’m getting ahead of myself. So, here’s what really happened.

An Indian, a Romanian, a Swede and an Australian (yes, we do sound like the start of a bad joke). Four random people that had never met – walked out of Hack_The_House as winners! Beating teams from Spotify, IBM, and a couple of global food companies.

Our idea was simple. The average family throws away 30% of the stuff that goes into their fridge. It’s a waste of money and the cost on the environment is huge. We made a system that notices what’s in your fridge (using IBM Watson’s machine learning), and how long it has been there. It then suggests recipes based on what needs to be eating (and orders the remaining things for same-day delivery). And thus, reduces wastes and adding convenience.

And please forgive the voice over, that I recorded in a bathroom 45 minutes before the final presentation…

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