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Berghs: Yes! And…

How do you celebrate the world’s best communication students in a time of social distancing?

With an online festival built from the ground up to explore excellent student work, discuss exciting trends and themes around communication industries, and to hang out and enjoy a bunch of entertainment.

How we got here

Thanks to Coronavirus, 2020 has been a pretty strange year. It means that there’s a lot of NO happening in 2020. NO, stay at home. NO, don’t physically go to class. NO, don’t visit your friends. NO, don’t travel. We all understand why, but creative people need to find a way to say YES when the world says NO.

We wanted a festival that said YES to more things

We wanted to say YES to new ways of working, and living. YES to staying close to each other, even from a physical distance. YES to making the most of the world as it is.

But better than just YES is to say YES! AND…

Because when you do that, you build momentum, you get better and more unexpected ideas. More people feel encouraged to contribute. And you get more perspectives, a more positive vibe, and better ideas to work with. Ideas that keep flowing.

YES! AND is what Berghs stands for

We at Berghs see ourselves as a hub for communication, design & technology where the future of the industry meets. We love all forms of communication and are compelled onwards by people fulfilling their potential. Our goal is to keep educating the top communicators of tomorrow. And that really does need a YES! AND attitude.

And if you missed it, it’s all still waiting to be explored at

//A 🎉

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