Driven by curiosity, fear, or money (20XX → 2023)

Berghs: What if? Podcast

How does the world’s best communication school best explain what ‘creativity’ is to normal people?

You do it by meeting normal curious people where normal curious people hangout. In their podcast app. Introducing What if? Creativity in a nutshell – a friendly new podcast that explores what we mean when we talk about creativity.

What if? explores everything from the myth of the creative genius, and why it really needs to die, to how creative limitation gives you and your brain a new way to see problem-solving. We also explore why we think creativity matters in lots of ways, and why creativity is in all careers to some level. We also look at how Berghs can prepare people for a creative career.

The podcast is hosted by Christopher Waldekrantz (Head of Marketing @ Berghs with experience in Sweden, Denmark, and Australia) & Adam Horne (Creative Director of Berghs Studio with experience in Australia, France, and Sweden).

Check out our first few episodes.

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