#6 Reasons Why Case Study Videos Shouldn’t Be The Cornerstone Of Your First Portfolio

#1 CASE STUDY VIDEOS WALLPAPER OVER THIN CAMPAIGN THINKING AND EXECUTION Lots of case study videos that I see are for small, tactical, or inconsequential things. They’re rarely for big campaign thoughts that execute over time and touchpoints. #2 THE REPLACE A CAMPAIGN AUDIENCE WITH A CASE STUDY AUDIENCE The audience for these videos are […]

At Berghs

Note: This originally appeared on Berghs site. Here’s a streamlined version (that gives you the vibe of Berghs School of Communication. To crack the code on what sets Berghs apart from the competition Sarah Snavely talks to Adam Horne, Creative Director of Berghs Studio. How would you describe the Berghs’ way of teaching? Adam: It’s […]

Apple: Staying Smart

TL;DR – The future of computing is smarter, cloud based services, running on commodity hardware. Not expensive hardware running integrated software. Apple is not positioned well for this. But maybe the power of their brand can save them. Using an explanation of Apple’s assets, boundaries, and narrative, I’ll explain why it’s causing them to make […]

Online Advertising: Defending Free

Not since Guttenberg’s invention of the printing press has anything done so much to democratised media. From #BlackLivesMatter to The Arab Spring, good ideas, big ideas, can spread freely, all thanks to the free internet. OK. So let’s look at why “free” really is worth protecting. Even if that means championing online advertising. I promise […]

Smoking: A Good Reason

I don’t smoke. But sometimes I wish I did. Smoking punctuates your day. A nicotine addiction makes you get up, go out, and then come back. When you return, it demands a new focus. When you work at a desk it’s very easy to get sucked into the rathole of what you’re doing. From researching […]